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Test Terms & Conditions

Booking Your Test


We do not accept short notice test dates and require a minimum of four weeks notice prior to the date of your test.


If you wish to use the driving school vehicle for your test, please ensure you have discussed and agreed on a test date with your instructor. Failure to do so will result in the vehicle being withdrawn for test.


Test and pretest car hire must be paid a minimum of three weeks prior to the date of your test.


You must inform your instructor if you have any holidays booked prior to your test date. If for any reason you are unable to keep up your lessons on the approach to your driving test, we reserve the right to reschedule your test date if the instructor feels you are not up to a satisfactory standard.


The Grange Driving School will not be responsible for the loss of your test fee if we decide to withhold the vehicle in such circumstances.

We do not accept test dates on Monday or Saturday.


The driving school vehicle will only be available from 9:00 am onwards. We will not be able to provide the vehicle for tests booked prior to this time.


If for any reason the DVSA alters your practical test date or time and it doesn’t fit into our availability or opening times, we reserve the right to ask you to reschedule your test.


Your test must be booked only by mutual agreement with your instructor. Failure to do so will result in the car being withheld for test.


By booking your test you agree you have covered all necessary topics and feel ready to take your practical driving test.


Eye Sight


You are responsible for ensuring your eyesight is up to a satisfactory standard to read a number plate at a distance of 20 meters, failure to do so may result in your driving licence being revoked at the test centre and you may lose your test fee.




You must bring your photo card licence with you on the day of your test. You must show them to your instructor at the beginning of your pretest lesson. Please ensure they bear your current name and address, if your licence address details are not correct you must inform the driving examiner on the day of your test.


Please make sure you switch off or put your mobile phone on silent prior to starting your test. Please do not leave any belongings in the vehicle after your lessons or test as it’s not always possible to return them the same day.

Please make sure you visit and study the ‘show me, tell me’ questions prior to your test.

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